Basement Reveal

As you know if you have been following the blog for a little while, my brother and I have been working on renovating my mother-in-law’s basement. In summary, she wanted a space that would function primarily as a Kid’s play area. She did not want it to be too “kid-y” because she wanted the space to be appropriate for them as they grew and also be comfortable for adults in the event of big parties or when parents were keeping an eye on things.

Here are some before pictures. They aren’t very clear but they give you an idea of where we started.

After a couple weeks of drywalling, plastering, painting, plastering some more, a new ceiling, new floors, blood, sweat, tears, a custom media centre, and some new furniture…

And no Canadian basement is complete without a large open space for mini-stick hockey!

There you have it. Next week I will do a full post on sources and talk about some of the solutions we came up with for some challenges, and some lessons learned!


9 thoughts on “Basement Reveal

  1. WOW!!! You should be very, very proud. I know how much work that would have taken, as Rob finished our basement this fall/winter. Great job, and I bet Anne loves it!

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