Fall Wreaths

This weekend solidified my suspicions that fall was upon us once again. Saturday rained all day and we had a great time watching movies, grocery shopping, napping, and trying to time walking a “rangy” dog (babysitting my mom’s) in between downpours. Sunday was beautiful but so  much colder than any of the previous days. We took the dog to a local off-leash dog park and walking trail which, in my mind, screams, “FALL.” I love this time of year where it is a bit colder but the sun still has a lot of strength. In honour of the season and anticipation of the stunning colours the trees are about to display, I thought I would collect a couple inspiration photos of some contemporary wreaths that have caught my eye on the web these past couple weeks.

1. Source 

2. Source

3. Houzz
 4. Twotwenty-one.com
There is something very inviting about a door with a pretty seasonal wreath. I like these ones too because they are all fun contemporary interpretations of an otherwise fairly traditional tradition [wreaths.] I really like taking some of the things that our  mother’s and grandmother’s did to make their homes welcoming and homey and putting a fresh generational spin on it. 
Do you decorate with a wreath? have you tried making your own?

Please post your thoughts!

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