It’s Fall Y’All

First I need to apologise for whatever the funky thing that it was that happened with WordPress last week where the draft version of my post published and not the finished edited version. Super embarrassing, I hope none of you saw it.

I have fallen off the wagon a bit these past couple weeks. I have been extremely productive around the house organizing both it and my life but it has been at the expense of writing and working on new furniture projects. On a positive note I have tackled some projects like cleaning out and organizing 6 of 7 closets in the house, redecorated the guest room, organized and created a usable library/office/craft supply room, streamlined the kitchen set up, and decorated a little for fall. Now that I see it written out I am less impressed with what I have accomplished, but it seriously took over a full week of working on it to get it to where it is! In true fashion, I don’t really feel done yet. How is it that we have SO MUCH STUFF after only a year?! It definitely brings the concept of “consumerism” into focus in a personal way.

I think about consumerism and wealth quite a bit. We have so much. I can’t really emphasize that enough in writing to convey just how grateful but also convicted about I am about that fact. When talking about tax brackets we are definitely not even close to one of the upper categories and yet we lack for nothing. I mean, I had money to spend on some little pumpkins and gourds that will never be eaten, they are just for show for the season. That is wealth.

I get caught up with Pinterest and beautiful spreads in magazines and catch myself wanting more or new or better or grand or whatever but then I look around and get a reality check. I see the DIY projects that I had so much fun doing and I am thankful for creativity and the means to buy supplies and the ability to tackle a new challenge, I see furniture given to us by people we love and I am reminded of what they mean to us, or I see the stain on the dining room chair from that great dinner party we had with friends we love and trust, I see our wedding pictures with our families and I am reminded of how much we love being together and how much we are loved and supported by them all. That is wealth.

With Thanksgiving two weeks away I am grateful for not just the tangible things we have but for also the reminder of the all the intangible things that make life so sweet. I want to focus on making this a season of not just “thanks giving” but also giving from a place of gratitude, my time, energy, resources and love to those I come in contact with.

It may sound cheesy written down but I can’t really think of a better response to the realization.


One thought on “It’s Fall Y’All

  1. A beautiful and inspiring message…thank you! We are blessed beyond measure…you are right…and at Thanksgiving, and every day, these blessings call for a response that touches others.

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