Guest Room Redesign

Yesterday I alluded – well flat out told you – that during my organizing binge the last week or so, I worked a bit on the guest room.

When we moved in, this is what the guest room looked like, well this is what it looked like after I had packed up and moved the previous owners clothes and bedding out anyway…

I liked the first make over, it was a huge improvement, but it lacked the lived in feel and I wasn’t totally happy with it. I suppose I only care this much because a) I am a bit crazy when it comes to decorating and b) it is the first thing you see as you go upstairs.

I came across this picture and LOVED it the second I saw it. Do you have those moments when you see pictures and you catch your breath for a second? It can’t just be me.

Things that immediately jumped out at me were the colours (hello inky blue and soft gray!) the layout which would easily work the room, the welcoming yet eclectic vibe, and similar elements to furniture and pieces I knew I had kicking around the house, which translates in Rachel speak to, “free makeover and an hour or two of redecorating” Yippee. I am in my happy place.

The previous yellow and blue theme wasn’t working well because I didn’t have enough of each colour to pull it together. In the art world, the basic rules of composition dictate at least three pops of the colour you are using spread around the canvas (or in this case, room) to draw the eye around and back to the first item to have a balanced look and feel. I really only had two yellow items and barely any blue; the scarf wasn’t cutting it.

I feel this second version works better because the primary accent colour (blue) shows up in multiple places from the curtains, to the art (framed fabric scrap), to the bedding, to the little ottoman tucked under the desk on the right. I added the ottoman because I needed a strong navy to balance the dark navy curtains. Another colour wouldn’t have worked so well.

I like the little industrial characteristics added with the light, the beat up chest, and then the black and wood of the sewing desk to balance out the other side. I also like the dark curtains. This room gets a lot of morning sun and it is nice to have the option of blocking it, especially if someone is visiting and it is their vacation. I feel like these curtains are also more dramatic than the yellow ones were and makes the room feel more cozy.

I added the books to give the room a more lived in feel. My blog is called thelivedinroom after all! My primary objective when doing a space is nailing down a welcoming atmosphere. Functionality is somewhere near the top of the list as well but I would be hard pressed to say whether it was more or less important than atmosphere!

Little changes but in the right direction I think. I still really need to tackle the bed; at this moment it is simply a mattress and box spring on the floor. I have some ideas involving furniture feet, fabric, stable gun, and a sheet of plywood. You know where this is headed! I am also still drooling over the mirror and headboard fabric in the inspiration photo, but alas, other day and another post!


2 thoughts on “Guest Room Redesign

    1. Hi Katie,

      I am glad you like the room! The desk is an old sewing machine table that I was given and then painted. The sewing machine and its “guts” have been removed but the table is the perfect space and height for a little Laptop desk.

      The duvet I got a couple years ago at Bouclair. They have a pretty wide selection of duvet cover sets and comforter sets that no one else carries.

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