Mini Appetizers

Tonight marks the beginning of Christmas party season for us. I am so excited, I love Christmas parties!

A staple at any party is the food of course. With sites such as Pinterest and the many number of beautiful food blogs, we are exposed to so many great recipes but also great photos of food beautifully plated and styled. A large number of these photos are styled and taken by ordinary people in their ordinary kitchens which has inspired me to put a little more thought and effort into how I present the things I make. Have you seen the tasting sets that have been popping up at the stores? What a genius idea! How often have you been to a party, all the seats are taken, and you are awkwardly trying to manage your plate, your drink, cutlery and a carry a conversation at the same time? These individually portioned servings not only make them easier to balance while mingling, but also makes beautiful  presentations really easy. I mean, anything miniaturized is bound to be cute right?

Here are a few of my favourite mini app ideas and presentations that I will be trying this holiday season:

Pear with Goat Cheese and Crannberries

Basil Tomato Mozza Balsamic Bites

Veggies and Hummas


Veggies and Ranch Dip



Tomato Soup and Grilled cheese bites


2 thoughts on “Mini Appetizers

  1. I love this! In ironic timing I just pulled out the mini Christmas cookie cutters and am now obsessed with making mini cookies. Icing them however is a bit of an epic mess because it just takes over the cookie. I love the veggie shooter glasses. No double dipping stress.

    1. I don’t know where minis have been all my life! I just found out that we are hosting New Years here so I think I am going to go full out mini!
      I never thought of mini cookies, I can see how icing would be an epic mess, I’m an epic mess any time I try to ice a cookie however…

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