Chalk Paint Coffee Table

Back in December I stopped by Malenka Originals here in Ottawa. I was really excited to stop by, since Katrina is the first and only carrier of Annie Sloane paint in the city. If you read any other DIY blogs you are aware how big a name Annie Sloane is in the furniture painting world.


I went in meaning to get the Old White, probably her most popular colour, but after staring at the wall of colours and chatting with Katrina for at least an hour, I decided on Paris Grey. I loved the name and you all know how I feel about grey.


I had been given this table a few weeks prior and I knew the friend who had passed in on was really excited to see what I would do with it. I was feeling the pressure a bit, especially since there wasn’t anything really wrong with it to begin with. I have to say though I am really happy with how it turned out.

The beauty of chalk paint is NO PREP! if you have ever redone one piece before you know what a HUGE perk this is! This table was a great piece to put that claim to the test as it had a lacquer of some sort on it. Typically for anything shiny or glossy you need to use a de-glosser and usually log some sanding time as well. With this paint I painted straight on the surface of the table as it was and was really happy at how well the paint bonded (stuck) how well it covered, and how little paint I had to use. The one down side of this paint is the cost but having now used it on a couple pieces and given the all the positives I just mentioned, I’m not sure I could ever use latex again.


For this piece I used the Paris Grey on the legs of the table and black chalkboard paint I had from previous projects on the top. I slightly distressed the legs to show off their shape a little better. To tie the legs and table top together better I highlighted the little groove around the base with black.I feel that the table looks more proportional to itself now and that it now has more character. Once someone busts out some chalk and starts personalizing the top, it will have even more!

Welcome 2013! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, I look forward to what this upcoming year will bring.


2 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Coffee Table

    1. Why yes I did get a new camera! I think I do have a before picture but my pictures are a little mixed up between the two cards, I need to do some organizing. Me being disorganized…shocking I know!

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