DIY Ideas: Curtains

I find curtains one of the hardest things to find and choose when finishing up a room. Partially because there are so many options available but also, (mostly) because of the ridiculous price of most curtain panels. If I am going to spend around or over $100 on something I’d rather it be much more interesting and longer lasting than curtains. Fortunately, almost everyone in the DIY world shares my opinion and many of them have come up with very creative, budget friendly options.

Re-purpose a Tablecloth 

I first shared this idea in my Guest Room Reveal. I originally went with a yellow/blue/grey pallet in that room and had a found a yellow table cloth that was perfect to use as a curtain. I hung it up using simple curtain rings that had clips on them and really liked how they turned out. Guest After 2

I am not the first one to do this, check out these gorgeous tablecloths Jennifer from Seakettle Creative found and hung in her home. LOVE those colours and that pattern!

Tablecloth curtains

Painted Curtains

If you cannot find a tablecloth you like, many people in the blogosphere have shared how they painted a set of solid curtains or fabric the already had (you can’t beat free!) or a set they found for a price within their budget.

Painted Curtains

Triangle Honeymoon

Painted Drapes 029

Hand Me Down House


Source Unknown

Other Options

If you do not have, or can’t find, a set of affordable tablecloths or curtains to creatively reuse, think a little further outside the box and look into bed sheets or even fabric drop cloths.

Using a flat bed sheet as a curtain doesn’t sound very classy but when you hang them from a rod using curtain clips instead of thumb tacks, no one will ever even guess. To take them to the next level of professional looking, check out this video for three easy ways to line them.

Ruffle sheet curtain


No one said that you couldn’t jazz those sheets up above and beyond just a lining. Check out this tutorial for a great Anthropologie knock off of the ruffle curtains above.

anthro curtains sev

Besserina (Didn’t she do an awesome job?)

Fabric drop sheets seem to be a DIYers go to source for plentiful, affordable, and durable neutral fabric. It looks very much like a linen and can be sewn, painted and dyed like any other fabric.

Drop Cloth curtains

Fabric Dye

If you have plain curtains hanging around or a sheet, or drop cloth or table cloth… What about dying them? This would be particularly cute in a kids room or nursery.

dip dye curtains anthropologie


Dip Dye

Michael Penny

I hope you are inspired! It can be overwhelming when thinking of all the options, balancing your budget, and aiming for high style. I find good place to start is not limiting yourself to a budget while browsing, finding what you like, and then brainstorming on how you can get the look for less. Happily, it can almost always be done with a little creativity and determination!


6 thoughts on “DIY Ideas: Curtains

  1. Hi Rachel. All excellent ideas. Another way to hang these various curtain subsitutes such as table cloths and other items you suggested is to buy gromets. They come in all sizes and are available at Fabricland and I would think other fabric stores such as Rockland Textiles. Some minor sewing is required in order to create a doubling of the fabric where you want to put the gromet or a casing if you want to call it that. Gromets also show off really funky or very nice wooden or metal curtain rods. Although, I have to admit that at the time of writing this, I am staring up at the curtains I made several years ago that are in the office and saying to myself, how did I do that again? I am sure that there are several internet sites that explain how to put them on. The ones I purchased for the office clipped together, made of plastic and came in a gold colour. I will email you a picture.
    Looking forward to the powder room reveal!

    1. That is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of mentioning grommets although I have been told before how easy they are to install. Grommets would really make your curtains look professional. I kind of over the tab top curtains I have from IKEA I am playing around with the idea of painting a neat pattern on them and then removing the tabs in favour of something a little nicer looking. So many projects and ideas!

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