Powder Room Mini Makeover

The bathroom is finally pieced back together, only two weeks later than I had originally hoped and anticipated! You are a patient crowd for which I am thankful.


There was nothing major that needed to be done and while I could think of a few fun and fabulous, “just because” treatments for this little space, seeing the finished product, I am not sure much would have had similarly dramatic results to the deep dark, Night Shade, navy blue paint I ended up using.


While there was nothing particularly offensive about this space, there was nothing particularly special about it either. The paint however, has transformed it into a much grander and more private seeming room than before. The power of paint never ceases to surprise me.

The blue, almost black, contrasts well with the existing white vanity, sink, toilet, trim and floor. I find that there being so much white keeps it from feeling oppressive despite painting even the ceiling the same dark colour as the walls. It isn’t usually recommended to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls, especially a colour like this one but in this case I really feel like it pulled the space together and made it feel as luxurious and private as it does. Avoiding having to do all that edging was just the cherry on top!


For an accent colour I went with purple since I already had some pretty hand towels with a fun purple pattern. The cheapest way to decorate is to shop your house and what you already own! I then picked up the frame from IKEA for the wood colour and made the paint chip art to tie in the purple towels.


As with every project, the final product is an evolution of the original plan. I was adamant when I started about including a shelf above the toilet for art and a few little decor. In the end however, even after getting everything I needed for it, it just didn’t look right. I may end up fiddling with it a little more and include it later but I would rather sit on it for a bit than rush into it and regret putting those holes in my freshly patched and painted walls! It is important to be open to change and some compromise during a home project of any size. Things will not always turn out the way you had anticipated which is not to say that it won’t turn out as great, just that it may be different than the picture you had in your head to start. It is ok to change your mind and take your time, especially with the final details, to get it right.

In the end I am really happy and pleasantly surprised by the impact this little room has. I have to admit that I feel a little grand any time I am in there. Being that it is the bathroom that guests use whenever they visit, I like how different it is to the rest of the house and that little “whoa” moment you get when you walk in from the bright hallway.


What do you think? Are you a dark and moody paint colour person? or more light and bright? What do you think I should do about a shelf over the toilet? keep working at it or leave it as is?


One thought on “Powder Room Mini Makeover

  1. Hi Rachel. I am a dark but bold person for paint choices such as oranges, rusts,cranberry, deep golds, basically the fall leaves colour pallet mixed in with some neutral earth tones. I think the toilet looks great without a shelf. If you did want one, I think a floating glass shelf would look great giving an uncluttered look vs. wood. I love the colour of the powder room. Who says you cannot paint a small room a dark colour!

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