Mid Century Stool

I get my love of mid century style and teak or walnut furniture from my mom’s side of the family. My grandparent’s home is full of gorgeous pieces that they have had for as long as I can remember. It speaks to how well crafted these pieces are as they have somehow survived the years and all 24 of us grandchildren! Their home is bright, comfortable and timeless. It is funny to see how they have passed their taste in furniture onto their children. I am sure it wasn’t a conscious effort but my mom and each of her siblings have similar style furniture in their homes. It is a very tangible example of legacy and how we shape the next generations consciously and unconsciously.


I loved going into my grandparent’s bedroom at their old house in a small suburb of Montreal. The room was at the back of the house with a huge window that stretched the length of the back wall with a view over the bright back yard and beautiful old willow in the corner that blocked any evidence of rear neighbours. It was one of the only rooms I had seen at that time that had a little sit down vanity area and a walk in closet. As a kid I loved to look at all the bottles of hair product and perfume and push my way into the full closet and stare at all the pretty clothes hanging above my head. It felt so safe and comfortable. When she would call me out of her closet I would love to sit on the little stool she had beside her vanity and watch her set her hair or chose her jewellery.


I was at a thrift store a few months ago and saw a similar little stool. For a dollar I couldn’t refuse. A couple coats of spray paint to cover the orange-y metal and some new fabric to replace the sad vinyl and this nostalgic piece still retains the mid century vibe but feels better suited to the 21st century.


No sit down vanities, walk in closets, or little girls poking through hair product or jewellery here, but the stool sits in our room collecting Ted’s clothing reminding me not only that I am way behind on laundry but also all the wonderful aspects of my grandparents legacy that I have been blessed to receive;Things like unwavering faithfulness to spouse, family and God; good food and good hospitality; participating and working at bettering the larger communities you are apart of, even at 87; Gratitude for all things at all times in all circumstances; staying active in all stages of life — and the list goes on. Some things I am sure they meant to pass on and others I’m sure where inadvertent but for everything I am truly thankful.


3 thoughts on “Mid Century Stool

  1. Your comments about your grandparents reminded me of how much I loved and appreciated mine and how much I miss them. They were a great source of inspiration and support and I really enjoyed all the time I spent with them. I have has the privilege of getting to know your grandparents, especially your Dad’s parents and I think they are amazing. I love what you did with the stool. The fabric reminds me of those beautiful magazine ads for lazy boy furniture in which Brooke Sheilds is featured.

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