Front Door Inspiration

It is March and we have gotten a fresh 20 centimetre dump of snow overnight. It is a little depressing. I thought we would get back from our trip and winter would be mostly over. I guess not. Although there is nothing I can do about spring taking its sweet time arriving outdoors, it doesn’t mean I can’t start incorporating it indoors.

My goal this next season is to infuse more colour into our home. A trend I have been loving recently, one that seems like a perfect starting point, is painted interior doors. At first I was seeing a lot of black and I thought about it briefly but didn’t think it was right for our house. Then I saw the bright interior front doors. BINGO. Such a fun and easy way to add a bright pop of colour. I have desperately wanted to paint the exterior of the door a fun colour for a long time but I am not sure the condo corporation would go for it, so I think this is a happy compromise.

I am thinking yellow but I love the mint and emerald options as well. What do you think? What colour is your front door?


coloured doors green door lime door Red doors Yellow Door


3 thoughts on “Front Door Inspiration

  1. Such a great idea! Looking out the window at the unending white today, I’m tempted to go right out and buy a lovely fresh Spring tint for some interior doors. Mint might be my choice. We already have a a rusty red on a basement closet door, and emerald on another. Love them both!

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