Yellow Front Door

Last post I mentioned I was thinking of painting the interior of my front door in a fun shade. Well, I did it! and I went with bright yellow! 


Sometimes painting can be daunting and choosing the colour even more so. Paint is one of the cheapest and quickest ways of making over a space but it isn’t “dirt cheap” and it is a pain to redo so you want to try get it right the first time. For this little project however, I didn’t over think it.


The little $5.00 (Including taxes!) tester pots of paint are the perfect amount of paint for one standard size door, two coats. I first used a 1″ brush to paint all the details and crevices and then a little foam roller to roll the flat surfaces. It took about 30 minutes to paint each coat and I waited a couple hours in between my two coats. I chose not to do any sort of protective coat over the paint because I am not sure how long I will want to keep it and I want it to be easy to paint over again.

Yellow Door

I love how easy this was and the happy impact it has on the front hall!

What do you think? Would you do it? What colour would you choose?


3 thoughts on “Yellow Front Door

  1. I love the new colour. Yellow is my favourite colour. Since we own our home and don’t have to worry about a condo corp, our front door is yellow on the outside. We have to change our entire front door,side windows…oh did i mention it is a transom window….it made me sad when one of the companies said our doors are pre painted. Just pick a colour and you will never have to paint again. My first question will be….do you have a door in exactly the yellow I already have? While it is tempting to never have to paint the door again….can I live without that mellow yellow? Probably not….sigh….nice job . It really adds a lot of life to your hallway.

  2. Love it! Perfect for Spring. I’m a red girl myself so I think that’s what I would do . . . if my landlords let me :)

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