Discarded Things

Hey All! I want to introduce you to my friend Julie, she has just moved to Ottawa from the States and is a amazing Creator, Refinisher, DIYer, Friend and Mom. I am thrilled that she has agreed to post some of her projects on this little blog. I know you will love what she has to share! Without further ado here she is with her debut Canadian project.


Have you noticed how much you throw away? I remember the first time I thought about where our garbage went. I was well into my twenties. I remember the first thing I saw and retrieved from somebody’s curb. I was a newlywed in Milwaukee. We were walking and saw these beautiful old windows, sitting on the curb. Minutes later they were in my arms and my new husbands arms, who was probably wondering what he had gotten himself into.

We showed up at our four month sublet in Ottawa and there was all this discarded metal in the space between our garage and our neighbors garage. I was more annoyed at the rubbish that was left behind but then I looked closer. There was great potential with these lovely big metal frames. Cool table-like potential. IMG_20140529_161307

There were three large frames like this, all of them differing sizes. I decided to start on this one because it was the smallest and the lightest (weak arms).  I also didn’t want to take on too much. We had just moved to a new city, relocated countries, 2 kids under 5 in tow and I didn’t want my culture shock to rear its head via collected projects to work on.  It had been left outside for a long time, which means I had to start by scrubbing. A lot. Rags and wire brushes and spiders, oh my.IMG_20140623_134957

I love painted metal with natural wood tones so that was my inspiration. I knew I needed to get the metal as ready as I could to receive the primer so I also used a 100 grit sandpaper on it as well. Now, normally, I would use steel wool for metal. However, remember when I said we had moved countries and were in a four month sublet. Most of our tools, including our 3 bags of steel wool were in Orleans in my mother-in-law’s basement, in a box, that I could not find. And I am way too cheap to buy myself some more. Sandpaper worked great. I coated it with two coats of primer and then chose Rustoleum Slate Blue which is one of my favorite colors. It is a grey blue that is the color of a stormy sea.

IMG_20140623_152632Two beautiful coats later and it was ready to go. Ignore the plywood piece on the bottom. I originally was going to put a piece of plywood on the bottom but then only used one on the top as a base to put my boards on because the metal was bowed.


I also needed to find some boards to make this an actual table. The plywood I purchased at Home Depot, but I wanted my table to have some character not cost anything, so the search began. I live in the Glebe so I didn’t have to go far to find someone reno’ing a old character home. I literally walked up to a group of construction workers and asked if I could dig through their wood pile. I am thankful they said yes. They needed a lot of sanding though. Which always takes longer than I think it is going to take. Start small, 80 grit, move on to 100, 150. Finish with 220. So pretty. I stained some boards, some I just put a laquer finish on, and some were painted so I distressed them a bit. I did 3 coats of laquer to finish so it could withstand some elements if need be. If I could function with fractions, I would have made a chevron pattern of some sort, but math and I have been feuding since 9th grade geometry. I couldn’t just leave them all going the same way so I turned the last four boards to keep it fun.

I debated about putting boards on the bottom so I left it so they could be taken out. I like it both ways, but with them in, the base acts like a shelf for storage, which I like. It is easier to maneuver the table up to our third floor apartment without the bottom.IMG_20140710_132444-1IMG_8054IMG_8055

I really love how this table turned out. I was going to sell it but I think I like it too much. Thanks for listening. ~Jules


Please post your thoughts!

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